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Put this in your calendar or on your website or  within your consciousness.
This is a rare opportunity ;



 Bhutan Yoga Journey  2017


through Thimpu Tshechu with ME


Please click this link to find out more.!bhutan-yoga-journey-kathy/u7z8p


I love that this journey is a soul calling as it will be giving back to the people in Nepal who need schools and homes.

My final word is I have a seed in the universe to create a home for my Kundalini yoga tree to grow now, so please hold
that seed as a community so we can all create this new space together


"Everything is possible"


Sat Narayan Hari

This mantra is chanted to create inner peace so one can project outer peace, happiness and good fortune. Narayan is the aspect of Infinity that relates to the water element. This mantra helps you “go with the flow” and takes you beyond the world to the experience of Infinity.

Sat Narayan is True Sustainer
Hari Narayan is creative sustenance

This meditational mantra, sound current  is 11 mins ,within 3 minutes your circulation and blood stability is affected. At 11 mins the pituitary and nerves begin to change.

 please make yourselves comfortable

As a practice
Tune IN
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x 3
Sit comfortably and lift your heart to the infinite universe,
draw your chin back in slowly - Jalandhara bundha
Drishti   - eye gaze is to your eyebrow centre.
The mudra - hand gesture is Guan Mudra, the pad of your thumb presses together with your first finger/index finger palms facing forwards and up, as you draw your elbows back your heart will lift more ;) so draw your elbows right back
let go of the outer world, enjoy the journey inward

chant with me  . . .


I am accompanied by the amazing Greg Douch on his citar, captured by Andrew Gray thank YoU Both so MucH




The Art of Living

Founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



Interested in learning to meditate?

Chandrakriti Buddhist Centre in the Upper Moutere Valley is one of my most favourate places to visit, to sit, to be inspired.

Chandrakriti Buddhist Centre


Learn to meditate -  free yourself from all suffering

Vipassana mediation course


Vipassana Meditation Centre, Dhamma Medini
153 Burnside Rd, RD3 Kaukapakapa, New Zealand 0873
Tel: +64 09 420 5319
Email: [email protected]


View kathy teaching Kundalini yoga at Studio Evolve

Kundalini Yoga from Anna Hickman on Vimeo.

Music by Maya Fiennes -

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