Escape this winter

         come to beautiful tropical Bali


Be Up Lifted with 7 days of KUNDALINI YOGA   

  July 4th-11th   2016  





Staying within the Mansion Baliwood Resort Hotel & Spa Ubud, Sayan where the environment turly supports your experience of pure divinity. 

Special rates apply based on twin shared accomodation  this also includes a full breakfast of your choice which is available through to 11am each morning.

    90 mins Kundalini Yoga daily $300 NZD pp  


                      This course offers you the opportunity to experience the profoundness of a daily kundalini yoga practice.  Beginning each day with a one or half hour meditation practice.  Followed by a 90 minute class.  Each day a stepping stone towards your BLISS, beginning at the root of your exisitance, then every day watering the seeds of change so that you can be truly freed from that that no longer serves you.  Rasing your conscious vibration - become more aware, being fearless and living your Bliss.

The Mansion Resort has alsorts on offers from dentistry and cosmetic treatments of the highest standard right at the front door, through to cooking classes  and body treaments such as massage. Many of my previous students have enjoyed taking advantage of this facility whilst staying at The Mansion.  

Once you have regisitered with me: you will start to recieve regular infromative emails about travelling in Bali, what you expect and how to prepared. I will update you on what other things are on offer within the region of Ubud, as you are free to wonder, explore, play and create for the rest of the day.  There is something for everyone from making jewellery, cooking classes, art lessons, pottery, tours, shows and an extrodinary yoga scene.   Bali is quickly become the New Yoga Mega of the world which you will quickly come to understand why once you arrive.

Life is a gift,  let's celebrate this gift we have together !


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The MANSION Resort, Hotel and Spa

We have negoiated a special group rate for twin/shared roomsI can honestly say The Mansion is a very special place to stay.  There is attention to every detail from design through to service.


 The Mansion also has a dental and medical Spa

For cosmetic dentistry *General dentistry * Dental Implants * Smile design by CEREC *

Here are some fun things you might like to consider trying while you are in this area.

Workshops in Bali

Batik workshop



Retreat History: Couples Retreat


These retreats rekindle the natural flame of your love for each other, through the art of simply giving and recieving. 

The last retreat was held at the breathe taking residents of Helmet, situated up at St Arnard beneath native bush but above the lake.

My sweet beloved husband Gary and I run these retreats together.

 For 3 or 4 couples per retreat


Yoga Retreats

Each yoga retreat has its own energy created by the environment we are in and the people who gather.

there is a  daily yoga asana practise, followed by yoga nidra,  mediations, chanting, walking and swimming in nature. We work together on these retreats all taking responsiblitiy for ourselves and being of service to each other as part of our practise.

Often students have been keen for a detoxifying experience – which would manifest as a 5 day retreat where we may juice fast for the 3 centre days, and spend that time in silence. These retreats are ideal for beginners as I give guidance throughout the entire experience so there are no surprises and plenty of time for rest and restoring fully with love and kindness. 

You are never expected to do anything – it is always your choice, as your teacher I am here to support and inspire you,  true Yoga is you listening to  yourself.

Shamanic Retreats

These retreats are for those people who enjoy very basic, back to nature, back to your roots, back to the ways of our ancestors. 

My teacher, Te Rangi Marie Grey-Carter also known as 'Grey Wolf'  passes on the rituals and continues the teachings of the native American Indian people. She is presently is sololy responsible for the Long Dance of life ritual here  in New Zealand. if you are interested in participating or learning more about this sacred Dance I would be most happy to put you in contact with her.   She presently lives in Raglan at her own retreat 'Maui Wairua'.

Gary my husband and I run these retreats together.  Gary has participated in more than 200 sweat lodges and many other amazing native Amercian rituals.

Our retreat is based around the "Sweat Lodge" a native American purification earth ritual.  We begin a retreat by working with each of the elements  independantly –  and also start listening to the lanugage of nature around as we are working.

When we leave sacread space, we leave more deeply connected to all that is, the earth the sky, the fire. the water, the air we share, and to each other.


Woman's self empowering Retreats

This is a 3 day creative retreat – and just for woman.

Again we take a journey together using each element as inspiration, the journey will take us all to a place we havn't been before. It is fulled with the mystery.  Arriving at a place by the end of the weekend where we have realized that we are far greater than we thought we all feel capable, loveable and deeply connected to each other.  You will leave feeling totally empowered.

This is a most memoriable experience, we live Marae style (which means we all sleep in one room together, we do everything together).  These retreats are designed for 12 people at a time.



23rd to 27th March Reiki Masters Retreat 2011

In Mapua – 25 minutes from Nelson
Cost $1500 for teachings and attunements only   (this does not  include accommodation and food )

Registrations for this retreat are now full and closed.

This is a residential retreat – whereby attunements to Reiki Masters level will take place and as part of these teachings the new Reiki masters will be giving teachings and attunements to level one, under my supervision as part of the course training.

There will be daily mediations, Reiki healings, revision and learning how to teach each  level, giving attunements/blessings and a huge variety of subjects that are covered over the course of 5 days.  It is a very intensive time of learning and each person will have private space and time to be in nature to down load information and intergrate teachings.

Becoming a Reiki Master is indeed a life changing experience –  a calling if you like.  I feel blessed and privilaged to be part of the Reiki family and process for others to move along their own personal journeys towards their enlightenment. 

If you are interested in becoming a Reiki master and have completed all other levels of Reiki and practising Reiki regularly please contact me.  All my retreats are run when when I have 3 or more interested.


CONGRADULATIONS Reiki Masters, Reane Bailey and Jo Wilcox

Kundalini Yoga

"Abundance and Prosperity"

Friday 28th Feb to Sunday 2nd March



I intend for this retreat to be deliciously inspiring and spiritually up lifting


I would like to share five kryia's from kundalini yoga that help you to change, through  practicing this process  new nadi's (channels of energy) will open up towards Abundance and Prosperity.

It will be just the seed to a Sadhana which is a spiritual practice which is a 40 day commitment.  Each Kriya is 3 minutes long and we take time between each one to integrate the  shift in energy, and mediate at the end of the process allowing the changes to integrate.

I have shared these kriya's  with a few people now and they have all come back to me with stories of their personal shifts and the gifts of abundance, one lady who had been looking for work suddenly got 3 job offer's in one day.
It is a true opening up! another person whom I have shared this with  said, that at the end of the set of kriya 's - sitting in meditation was the closest she had experienced being connected to all things and she's loving it.

I wish to introduce Sri Yantra which in meditation connects to the divine energies withinside yourself.    We are going to explore Sri Yantra through a creative process.

I will also be sharing mantra sound vibration as different form of mediation towards 'Abundance and Prosperity' that is easy, enjoyable and very uplifting.

I also want to us my hypnotherapy skills and teach you the simply keys to create your own  Sankalpas.  Sankalpa means "will, purpose, or determination." To make a sankalpa is to set an intention - this is also what happens in hypnotherapy we create a positive expression towards what we would like.  I have a simple set of tools you can take with you and share that will help you to work  out exactly how to do this.

Leading on from the Sankalpas I will share from a yogic perspective also how to burn Sanskara's  (old pathways that no longer serve you and are now holding you back).

I am so grateful to Sally Shaw and her generous family to invite me to hold this weekend at their family batch in Pawaka. This warm little beach bach is situated on Pakawa beach and has plenty of open space.

Their are  2 double beds and 3 single beds.  So if you have a special friend that you would like to come along with that your comfortable to share a bed that would be ideal.
We are also going to share the responsibility  of food amongst the group.  I will provide the refreshments and when the group is set I will send out the list of things we will share amongst ourselves evenly.


 Suggested course of events  towards

'abundance and prosperity'
Friday all arrive by 4pm
Settle into space  - 5pm  ; creating sacred space and opening  circle - hear more about the weekend, get any housekeeping established
      -6pm Dinner
      -7.30 creating our Sankalpa's
       8.30-9.30pm Kundalini yoga followed by yoga nydra  and off to bed afterwards

Saturday morning
     6.30am mediation Sri Yantra
     7am till 8.30 am   Kundalini yoga - Subagh kriya

8.30 - 10am free time for washing having breakfast cleaning up
    from 10 am till 11am learn how to give and receive foot reflexology treatment for those that are interested.

11am- Mediation for burning sanskara's followed by a walk in nature in silence by the sea.

12.30 break for lunch

2pm-4pm  Creative work with Yantra's
4-4.30pm Yoga Nydra

6pm - 7.30pm dinner

After dinner Yoga DVD let me surprise you

     - Mediation Sri Yantra
    - 7am Kundalini yoga Subagh kriya
        8am - 20 minute pranayama

10 mins positive affirmation and gratitude  journaling

After breakfast finishing off Sri Yantra for those that need too - for those that are finished mantra yoga.

11.30am closing circle

12 noon have lunch and clean place up