If you believe in prevention rather than cure, REFLEXOLOGY answers that call.

Holistic reflexology is a  foot treatment that will improve your overall health and well being – the art of reflexology is 50 millions years old this fact alone is proof enough of how effective it is.

While a one off treatment will benefit you, we would encourage more regular treatments or a course of treatments. One per week for 6 weeks should bring you some positive results.

Reflexology aims to treat the body as a whole and endeavors to get to the root of any discomfort and treat this, not the symptom. For the best results the client is required to participate, the emphasis is placed on taking responsibility for ones own state of health.  In orthodox medicine, the tendency is to hand over responsibility to the doctor and expect him/her to cure or ills which is a tall order. With reflexology all aspects of your well being are taken into consideration during the treatment time.

Kathy and Judy are both qualified reflexologists. Kathy qualified in Changimai – Northen Thailand at the ITM 2006 and Judy qualified Raworth College in Dorking UK  1993 so between the two, both Eastern and Western have unified.


Thank you to everybody who came along to the


How it works

Reflexologists believe every part of the body is reflected on the feet and that applying pressure on specific points will stimulate healing in the corresponding part of the body.

Reflexology relieves stress and congestion, reduces inflammation and eliminates toxins.

Conditions which respond well include migraine headaches, backache, stress, insomnia, menstrual and digestive problems.

Sessions cost  $50 for 50 minutes.
Book your course of 6 and the last one will be half price.


A fun Course for the non professional person  "THE JOLLY GOOD FOOT RUB'" 

This is for anybody interested in learning how to give a jolly good safe foot rub, that last for 15 minutes and will stimulate the feet increase circulation.  Give relief to tired fee and be very grounding for the reciever. 


Diane said "The give and recive way of learning helped to consolidate all the new information"

"Kathy is a great teacher so encouraging as well as so knowledgable - a great introduction - thank you " From Lesley

Jenny commented "What a relaxed atmosphere and very good clear instructions"

Next workshop September - Email Kathy now if you are interested