Ear Candling is a pleasant non-invasive treatment that can help to promote an enhanced state of health

Why do people get there ears candled?

All sorts of benefits come from having ones ears candled.

  • It will help to relieve symptom's of hay fever - blocked sinus's, sore itchy eyes
  • It will draw out excess wax that is in the outer ear canals
  • It is deeply relaxing
  • It will help equalize the pressure between the ears, especially good to do after long flights or if your a diver after diving trips
  • It can help to relieve tinnitus and headaches
  • It can help to relieve pressure when you have a cold


What can I expect ?

This treatment takes 30 minutes, you lay comfortably on your side fully clothed with a light blanketover you.  I simply will massage the outer ear first gently to see the direction of your ear canal.  Then the lite candle is placed into the outer ear canal.  It feels soothing and warm, you often can hear crackling and it is a very pleasant and relaxing sensation.

When the candle has burnt down to the dafety mark it is removed and put out and I will give you a light lymphatic massage to help keep your inner ear draining.  You then roll onto the other side and we repeat the same procedure on that side.  You must always do both ears.

At the end of the session we can unroll the candle and see what has been drawn out of your ear and into the candle - most people really enjoy that part.