Reiki literally translates to Universal Energy.
Every experience is as unquie as the individual.  At the very least you will feel deeply relaxed.  Some people report experiencing warmth and tingling sensations during the healing and other people experience strong visual images behind their closed eyes.
Certainly you will stay in Reiki energy for 3 days, as an intention is placed that the Reiki will continue to flow whilst you are resting or sleeping after you have left.
People report feeling all sorts of different things after their treatment some go home and sleep soundly for a really long time and others might go home and have a massive spring clean or do things that they have been putting off for a long time.  Artistic people will often have and out-pouring of creative flow, so as I said at the beginning every experience is as unquie as the individual.
A reiki practioner has gone through an attunement process that allows them to open as a channel an allow prana – chi – energy to flow through from the earth and the cosmos and directed into the person receiving the healing.



Reiki 1 workshop
This is a 2 day workshop and the investment is $150 per person
it will include:
    •    Reiki Blessings, which is a ritualistic process of attunement for Reiki to begin flowing.
    •    Teachings the history of Reiki and  Dr Usui
    •    Learning the virtues and principles of practising Reiki
    •    Beginning fundamental self healing practices of Reiki
Reiki 2 workshops
This is a 2 ½  day workshop and the investment is $500 pp
You will:
    •    Revising  Reiki 1 - which is important esp, if students have begun their Reiki one journey in differnt places wtih other teachers.
    •    Receive further Reiki blessings/ attunements.
    •    Learn the three sacred Reiki symbols, commiting them to memory, knowing what they do, when and how to use them.
    •    Begin the journey of using these symbols for your own self healing
    •    Gain an understanding of distant healing – which is not just about location but also time and space
Limited to 5 people


Reiki Masters
This is the beginning of Mastery a whole new level of self growth and intensive 7 day residential retreat.
The investment for teachings $4500 pp – Excluding cost of accommodation and food
Over the course of the week you will be given and begin intergrating the master symbols.?You will be giving treatments daily under supervision
    •    You will learn how to pass on an attunement and will give your first attunement under my supervision
    •    You will share the teaching methods of Reiki 1&2
    •    Every day will include meditations and self healing practise
All the workshops require a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people, excluding Reiki masters.  ?I keep a list of people showing interest and when I have enough for a workshop a date is agreed upon.
Reiki Masters has a maximum of 5 people and can be done individually.

What can I expect in a treatment?
That you will be in a warm, safe and undistrubed atmosphere.  You will remain fully clothed but you may be asked to take off large metal objects, belts and shoes for your comfort.
Hands will either rest upon your body or just over your body, and you can receive healing standing, sitting or lying down which is perferable.
It is not uncommon to feel and express emotions during or after a Reiki session, which is all part of the natural process of healing.
Treatments 60 minutes for $60 or 90 minutes for $90

Interested in becoming a Reiki practioner/or receive a treatment?

Don't wait any longer call/text Kathy Valler 021 850 766

or Renae Bailey 022 626 3046

I am very grateful to have had Kathy as my Reiki Master for the attunement of Reiki 1 and 2. Her compassion, sensitivity and gentle strength made for such rich learning experiences. Through her support and guidance she granted me the freedom to explore the truth within myself. After the attunements my thoughts poured out of me and onto canvas like a stream running into the sea. I evolved in unexpected yet amazing ways, and over time I found over time I found hidden messages in my paintings came together like pieces of a puzzle.?Thanks Kathy for sharing the gift of Reiki and walking that path with me.
Leanne Addison?

Renae Bailey - Reiki Master - Share Group

We start at 7.30pm

All levels and lineages are welcome.  There is a choice of every 4th Tuesday or Thursday.  The dates are on my website

Just $5 on the day

If you are attuned to Reiki and wish to meet a wonderful group of Reiki Channels, you are welcome to come along and share with us.

Please remember to let me know whether or not you can make it. You can send me a quick text on 022 626 3046.

Many thanks