Kathy Valler (IYTA dip)

kath.jpg I am totally passionate about my work in "I love helping people to help themselves".

The journey started for me 24 years ago when I was jolted onto my on healing path, needing to start living more consciously, house keep some old belief systems and learn how to love and take care of myself fully.

Yoga was the beginning.  As you will see when you look through this site I have been teaching since 1999 and presently teach 5 classes a week here in Nelson.  I am and plan to continue to grow and learn as I teach.  I also run regular retreats both nationally and international.

 Massage therapy begun 2001,  I have studied Swedish massage, joint mobility, acupressure, Thai massage, Foot reflexology and have qualifications for all of these.

 Reiki began in 2000 with level 1 and each year I continued on and was invited into my Reiki Masters in 2003. I have been actively working as a healing channel and a teacher giving attunements. 


Namaste Kathy

Kathy's number 021 850 766 text me

 Rosie Frost Clinical Hypnotherapist


One of my greatest pleasures in life is in inviting people of all ages to become more in touch with, and engage their own inner wisdom and strengths. In guiding them to see clearly through any past experiences, thought patterns, habits, perceptions and belief systems that are limiting them, holding them back from living their life to their fullest potential.
I have always had a fascination around energy, and the connection between the mind – (our beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, feelings etc) – and the physical body. Having spent over 20 years working with children, I became increasingly aware of just how powerful the mind is. It became very clear to me that our beliefs and the way we perceive things are reflected back to us in our experiences, in all areas of our lives, including our happiness, relationships and our own physical wellbeing. It was my curiosity about the power of the mind and the effect it has on our daily life that inspired me to extensively explore and train in the field of hypnotherapy and other related therapies.
I am a skilled, internationally certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, holding diplomas in General and Advanced Hypnotherapy, and a certificate in specialised Paediatric Hypnotherapy. I am also a certified Education Performance Practitioner and a certified member of the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists.
I enjoy working with people who are really motivated to understand how to access and engage their own wisdom and transform the beliefs that may have been restricting them in their pursuit of happiness and health, creating and achieving the life they desire.  With infinite compassion, understanding, empathy, and a holistic approach, I combine other modalities into sessions where necessary to obtain the greatest possible changes and results. Over the years, I have consistently experienced just how powerful hypnosis can be, successfully working with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, stress, panic attacks, fears and phobias, self -confidence, grief, weight and dietary management, smoking cessation, personal development and performance, manifestation, relationship issues, infertility, motivation and energy, pain management, insomnia and sleep issues, many children’s issues, and so much more.
For further information please refer to my website: www.rosiefrost.com
To make an appointment or discuss if you have any questions, please contact me either by phone: 0211682130 or email me: [email protected]

Bronwyn Gale        

Massage Therapy


With 6 years extensive massage therapy experience.
I offer you a holistic approach, treating each body to their individual needs. From a holding grounding still points through to deep tissue,  guided now by my intuition and experience through each session.  Intentionally bringing you the highest standard of massage therapy that will leaving you feeling repaired, renewed and revived.

Available on Mondays from Beuplifted

Book your session with me now by
phone 5464 024 or  022199 5730

Judy Barnard (ITEC IFPA)

judy.jpgMarried for 46 years, mother of three and grandmother to eleven, I have a wealth of life skills and experiences.
I  feel this is a great asset as a therapist and find clients of all ages can relate to me and feel comfortable and safe,  my prime aim when offering any therapy.

I trained in the United Kingdom in 1992/1993 after a varied career which included ten years of nursing. I had a very busy private clinic there until  I arrived in New Zealand in 2003 opening my practice in Halifax Street. In 2008 I moved to the present premises in Hardy Street.

My holistic treatments are based on a Chinese philosophy of balance in mind, body and spirit and energy balancing. I hold ITEC qualifications in massage, aromatherapy, reflexology and kinesiology, am a member of IFPA and the Raworth Guild of Graduates. With nearly twenty years of practical experience, I offer safe, professional treatments tailor-made to suit your personal needs.

Judy's numbers 03 539 4901 or 027 331 4694

We are upstairs from Trade-Aid 1/148 Hardy Street Nelson, New Zealand



Bryony Klink

Holds a Diploma in Applied Fitness and Bachelor in Sport and Recreation

Bryony is a compassionate mother of two girls who has always enjoyed helping people who are willing to help themselves.  she has inspired and motivated many indviduals over the past 4 years,  teaching aqua aerobics regularly at Ngawhatu Pool - ASB Aquatic Center - Oakwoods retirement village.

She also teaches a circuit class in Wakefield at the Wakfield village hall, Thursday evening 6.30 -7.30pm

Bryony understands that the gym isn't for everybody so she makes it easy to design a programe outside of the box.  She particulary likes helping people recovering from injury and those that need that an extra helping hand back to full wellness.

Available by appointment only

Contact via email: [email protected] or cell 0273780310
Cost $60 per 1 hour appointment for intial session then if you commit to 10 session the rate is discounted.

She will give holistic nutritional advice and help clients create healthy eating and living habits, giving you the advice you need to return to your true state of wellness. Give her a call today!

Renae Bailey - Reiki Master/Teacher


Renae_web_smallest.jpeg Reiki can guide you to discover the real you, your light that shines within.  Reiki      can balance your energy, bringing calm and relaxation, peace and contentment, it  helps you to become quiet and remember who you truly are.  

 When your physical self is free from the stresses of modern life, and back in  balance, this allows your inherent healing system to do its best work.  

 I have been working with Reiki since 1999, and have been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2011.  I offer Reiki sessions to assist you in finding your light within, and navigating your path to wholeness.  I offer workshops for First and Second Degree Reiki, and one to one training for Reiki Master/Teacher. Learning Reiki for yourself truly puts your health and well being in YOUR hands. Take back your power and let your light shine! You will find the information on my upcoming workshops here

Every Reiki session is as unique as you are, perfectly delivering what you need in that moment.  

If you are curious as to how Reiki can specifically help you, I invite you to contact me today!

ph: 022 626 3046